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Corporate Information

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as the bank of first choice in Myanmar, renowned for its banking prudence, sound customers relationship and quality customer service.

Training Mission

The Mission of Training is to timely supply the Bank with trained staff imbued with the right ethical values, right job attitudes, Banking and Management skills, so that they can perform efficiently, effectively and productively to increase the Bank’s growth and profitability and be flexible enough to move into positions to meet the changing needs of the Bank.

Training Department Profile

Since 1996 Training Department was formed with the objective to build up capacity for the staffs of M.O.B.

Training is performed under Four Programs.

I. Clerical Program

(a) Basic Training for Banking is given for the Beginners (Level - 1) to give knowledge of Banking Ethics, Banking Operation and also Accounting System in Banking with the aid of computer.

(b) Refresher Course for the Junior Staffs (with at least two years of service in banking operation) is given to upgrade banking knowledge.

II. Supervisory Skill Development Program

This program is meant for the Supervisors to develop their supervisory skill and team management.

III. Management Development Program

This program is meant for the Junior Officers under the headings of Management Development, Organization Development and Banking Operation.

IV. Organization Development Program

Under this Program Workshops and Seminars are being organized for all the staff of M.O.B to improve the skills both in banking operation and Management.


Plans have been made to carry out workshop (at least twice in a years) including Team Work Development, Effective Communication and Customer Service.


Seminars are also arranged for upgrading the knowledge to cope with Financial changes in the modern world.

V. Other Program -

(i) Training for Foreign Banking

(ii) Training for Capital Market and Security Market

(iii) Training for Western Union Money Transfer Service